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In this episode, we sat down with Miah Johnson, Ranjib Dey, Doug Ireton, Chris McClimans, Joshua Timberman, and Seth Vargo to discuss Libraries, Definitions and LWRPs.

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In this episode, we sat down with Matt Wise, Ben Hartshorne and Charity Majors to talk about using zookeeper with Chef and Puppet.

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This is the audio version of the Hangops session from March 8, 2013.  During the Hangops session, we talked all about Chef 11.  Seems like a good cross-post for the Food Fight Show!


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In this episode, we sat down with Baron Schwartz to discuss his presentation on Adaptive Fault Detection. Jason Dixon and Brandon Burton joined the conversation.

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In this episode, we sit down with some of the engineering team at Opscode to discuss the recently released Chef 11.

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In this episode, we discuss the role DevOps can play in helping science overcome some of the most pressing research challenges such as climate change and canceer research.

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In this episode, we discuss Logstash and The logstash Book with Jordan Sissel and James Turnbull.

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In this episode, we sit down with Brendan Gregg of Joyent to discuss performance and his recent article, Thinking Methodically about Performance.

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This episode was started with a tweet from Javier Segura - " @nathenharvey are you still recommending capistrano deploys in a chef infrastructure? I want to know what the best practices are"

Unable to answer the question in 140 characters, we gathered an expert panel and discussed the topic for about forty-five minutes.

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In this episode, we discuss managing Window environments with Chef.

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