The Food Fight Show

Nathen sits down with Eric Wolfe (@atomic_penguin), Seth Vargo (@sethvargo), and Jamie Winsor (@resetexistence) to talk about day one of the Chef Community Summit.

Topic include:

  • Open space format of the summit
  • Various sessions of the day including:
  • New Chef Documentation - check out
  • Workflow
  • Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration
  • Testing your Infrastructure
  • Chef on Windows
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John and Nathen sat down with Marc Watts, Mark Jennings, and David Lutzy to discuss the DevOps culture and history at Lonely Planet, performance, metrics-driven engineering, and more.

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This is a short DevOps Delicacy special that is a tribute to a member of the DevOps Community.  Enjoy.

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Nathen and Kate Matsudaria discuss Kate's Surge presentation, working at Decide, the Technology and Leadership Newsletter, building v1s and v2s, and more.

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Nathen sat down with Theo Schlossnagle.  They discussed Theo's Surge presentations and wrapped-up the event.

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Nathen sat down with Matt Grahamn from Etsy.  They discussed Matt's Surge presentation:  Changing Etsy's Architectural Foundation with Continuous Deployment

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Nathen sat down with Mike Nolet from AppNexus.  They discussed Mike's Surge presentation:  From Zero to 500k QPS in Three Years: Scaling AppNexus.

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