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Nathen sat down with Alejandro Companioni and Dave Zwieback from Knewton.  They discussed Alejandro's Surge presentation and Dave's lightning talk.

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DevOps Delicacy:  Update from Surge with Andrew Miklas from PagerDuty

Nathen had a chance to sit down with Andrew Miklas,CTO and Co-founder of PagerDuty.  They discussed Andrew's Surge presentation: Ensuring the Call Goes Out—Everytime

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Nathen had a chance to sit down with Ryan Kennedy, Director of Core Services at Yammer.  They discussed Ryan's Surge presentation:  Build Your Own Database: Berkeley DB Java Edition at Yammer

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Nathen and Bryan had a conversation with Michael Bevilacqua-Linn about the presentation he'll be giving at Surge Conference:  Big Data in the Small: Why N Tier Architectures Are an Antipattern

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Join Bryan and Nathen for a discussion about the future of Vagrant.

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In this episode, Bryan and Nathen sat down with Joshua Timberman and Andrew Crump to talk about Test Kitchen.


  • Introduction to Test Kitchen
  • Anatomy of a Test Kitchen run
  • Examples in apache2 and mysql cookbooks
  • Configuring Test Kitchen
  • Future of Test Kitchen
  • Contributing to Test Kitchen

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Episode 23:  Interview with Theo Schlossnagle

In this episode, Bryan, Matt, and Nathen sat down with Theo Schlossnagle (@postwait), CEO and Founder of OmniTI and a serial entrepreneur.  We discussed Circonus, Surge, OmniOS and more.

  • OmniTI
  • OmniOS
  • Surge
    • Need a discount code?  Check the show at 38:04
  • Scalable Internet Architecture
  • Careers in IT
  • fq and Message Queuing
  • Circonus
  • OmniTI & Chef

Keep it hot!

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In this episode, Bryan and Nathen sat down with Jesse Robbins, Co-founder and Chief Community Officer at Opscode.  We discussed Jesse's Velocity presentation - Changing Culture & Being a Force for Awesome


    What's Cookin'
    Emergency Services
    Changing Culture & Being a Force for Awesome

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