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Nathen had a chance to sit down with Ryan Kennedy, Director of Core Services at Yammer.  They discussed Ryan's Surge presentation:  Build Your Own Database: Berkeley DB Java Edition at Yammer

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Nathen and Bryan had a conversation with Michael Bevilacqua-Linn about the presentation he'll be giving at Surge Conference:  Big Data in the Small: Why N Tier Architectures Are an Antipattern

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Join Bryan and Nathen for a discussion about the future of Vagrant.

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In this episode, Bryan and Nathen sat down with Joshua Timberman and Andrew Crump to talk about Test Kitchen.


  • Introduction to Test Kitchen
  • Anatomy of a Test Kitchen run
  • Examples in apache2 and mysql cookbooks
  • Configuring Test Kitchen
  • Future of Test Kitchen
  • Contributing to Test Kitchen

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Episode 23:  Interview with Theo Schlossnagle

In this episode, Bryan, Matt, and Nathen sat down with Theo Schlossnagle (@postwait), CEO and Founder of OmniTI and a serial entrepreneur.  We discussed Circonus, Surge, OmniOS and more.

  • OmniTI
  • OmniOS
  • Surge
    • Need a discount code?  Check the show at 38:04
  • Scalable Internet Architecture
  • Careers in IT
  • fq and Message Queuing
  • Circonus
  • OmniTI & Chef

Keep it hot!

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In this episode, Bryan and Nathen sat down with Jesse Robbins, Co-founder and Chief Community Officer at Opscode.  We discussed Jesse's Velocity presentation - Changing Culture & Being a Force for Awesome


    What's Cookin'
    Emergency Services
    Changing Culture & Being a Force for Awesome

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For this DevOps Delicacy, Nathen met with David Bock to talk about the Chef Introductory Workshop.  We met before, during, and after the course and discussed David's expectations of the class, prior experience with Chef, thoughts on the class and more.

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