The Food Fight Show

In this episode, Bryan and Nathen sat down with J. Paul Reed and Seth Thomas to talk about the practice, profession, and tools of Release Engineering. We also talked a bit about their Podcast, The Ship Show.

00:44 - In the News

06:28 - New Cookbooks

17:18 - Updated Cookbooks

19:15 - Introductions

19:40 - The Ship Show

27:40 - Release Engineering - Continuous Integration

36:20 - Release Engineering - Version Control

40:28 - “git…is the Ike Turner of version control systems”

47:47 - Strengths of perforce

56:15 - Deployment Strategies

1:02:00 - Build Tools

1:12:05 - DevOps Culture

1:14:46 - “DevOps, as a movement, has made it OK to talk about the cultural stuff”

1:16:13 - Continuous Integration Systems

1:19:35 - Packaging and artifact repositories

1:26:59 - Summing up the episode

1:29:20 - Picks

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    Nathen sits down with Fletcher Nichol (@fnichol), Seth Vargo (@sethvargo), Mike Fiedler (@mikefiedler), and Jeff Hulten (@jhulten) to talk about day two of the Chef Community Summit. We meant to chat for about 20 minutes but this conversation ended taking about an hour. Enjoy!

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    Nathen sits down with Eric Wolfe (@atomic_penguin), Seth Vargo (@sethvargo), and Jamie Winsor (@resetexistence) to talk about day one of the Chef Community Summit.

    Topic include:

    • Open space format of the summit
    • Various sessions of the day including:
    • New Chef Documentation - check out
    • Workflow
    • Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration
    • Testing your Infrastructure
    • Chef on Windows
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    John and Nathen sat down with Marc Watts, Mark Jennings, and David Lutzy to discuss the DevOps culture and history at Lonely Planet, performance, metrics-driven engineering, and more.

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    This is a short DevOps Delicacy special that is a tribute to a member of the DevOps Community.  Enjoy.

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    Nathen and Kate Matsudaria discuss Kate's Surge presentation, working at Decide, the Technology and Leadership Newsletter, building v1s and v2s, and more.

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