The Food Fight Show
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Join us for two Hangouts this week!

Wednesday, November 7, 19:30 UTC

Our first Hangout will be on Wednesday, November 7 at 19:30 UTC which is 2:30PM in Eastern Standard Time and 11:30AM Pacific Standard. For this hangout, we’ve invited Paul Reed and Seth Thomas to join us to discuss our most recent Food Fight Show where we discussed the practice, profession, and tools of Release Engineering.

Thursday, November 8, 21:00 UTC

Our second Hangout will be on Thursday, November 8 at 21:00 UTC which is 4:00PM in Eastern Standard Time and 1:00PM Pacific Standard.  Noah Kantrowitz, also known as coderanger on IRC, will be joining us to share some thoughts and lead a discussion about Reusable Cookbook Patterns, specifically exploring the idea of Library Cookbooks and Application Cookbooks. This is a topic that’s received a fair bit of discussion lately including at the recent Chef Community Summit and on last week’s Chef Office Hours Hangout.

How to Join

Each will Hangout will be held on Google Plus. We will send out the URL to the hangout via our twitter feed (@foodfightshow) at the beginning of each hangout. As you may know, Google Plus Hangouts are limited to 10 participants. To allow for greater participation, we will be streaming the Hangout live to YouTube. This will allow more people to participate during the discussions. We’ve also created a new IRC channel on freenode - #foodfightshow. You’ll be able to participate in the discussion by commenting on the YouTube video or joining us in IRC.

Have a specific question or want to reserve a seat? Drop us a line at

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