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In this episode, we discuss Ops School and training System Administrators. The episode was recorded as a Google+ Hangout and steamed live on YouTube.

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In this episode Nathen, @lusis, and Mike Fiedler sit down with Sean Porter and Ulf Mansson to discuss Sensuand #monitoringlove.

This episode was inspired by Ulf’s presentation at DevOps Days Rome 2012:

Monitoringlove: a True story in this presentation given at DevopsDays Italy. Ulf Mansson describes how the implementation of sensu and graphite convert the monitoring meme from monitoringsucks to monitoringlove. Hey kids, Ulf is right. monitoringsucks is dead, long live monitoringlove! There is now an active monitoringlove hashtag on twitter and an active #monitoringlove IRC channel. Join the Fun! Thanks to Ulf Mansson for making us realize that monitoring no longer has to suck and that if we put in just a bit of extra work, we can experience monitoringlove too.

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