The Food Fight Show

A Policyfile file allows you to specify in a single document the cookbook revisions and recipes that should be applied by the chef-client. A Policyfile file is uploaded to the Chef server, where it is associated with a group of nodes. When these nodes are configured by the chef-client, the chef-client will make decisions based on settings in the policy file, and will build a run-list based on that information. A Policyfile file may be versioned, and then promoted through deployment stages to safely and reliably deploy new configuration.

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This is a joint recording with Arrested DevOps and Software Defined Talk.

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Food Fight Show - 100 - Habitat

Join us for a discussion about Habitat a new approach to automation that focuses on the application instead of the infrastructure it runs on. With Habitat, the apps you build, deploy, and manage behave consistently in any runtime — metal, VMs, containers, and PaaS. You’ll spend less time on the environment and more time building features.

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