The Food Fight Show

Nell Shamrell-Harrington, Tasha Drew, and Jamie Winsor discuss the latest updates to Habitat!



* Nell Shamrell-Harrington [github](, [twitter](
* Tasha Drew [github](, [twitter](
* Jamie Winsor [github](, [twitter](

Show Notes

* [](

* [Chef Community Slack](

* [Chef Conf](

* [Kelsey Hightower ChefConf 2016 Keynote](

* [Habitat with Kubernetes Blog Post](

* [Habitat Scaffolding RFC](

* [Habitat Community Slack](



* [Venmo](
* [Orphan Black](


* [Smart Nora](
* [Puzzle Fighter](


* [The Disaster Artist](
* [Marcela's Creole Cookery](

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Learn Chef Rally is the best place to get started on your journey towards mastering Chef, Continuous Automation, and DevOps. Tracks give you a guided curriculum, Modules allow you to complete lessons à la carte to create you own learning path. Badges help you track your progress throughout the journey.

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Learn about getting involved, contributing to, and learning from your peers. We will also discuss the upcoming Chef Community Summits and share a promotional code to save some money on the ticket!

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Show Notes





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Food Fight teamed up with Arrested DevOps to host a live DevOps call in show where Dr. Nicole Forsgren answered audience questions about devops, metrics, and more!

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Join Nell Shamrell and Matt Ray as they discuss the Microsoft Ignite Australia conference.

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