The Food Fight Show
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Best Practices?!  Do they exist?  Join our panel as we "rapid fire" through a bunch of items looking for some consensus on best practices.

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Join us as we recap the Opscode Community Summit and talk a bit about AWS Re:Invent.

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Join Nathen as he discusses the first day of the Opscode Community Summit with Tom Duffield and John Dyer.

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Join us as we discuss how to test your distributed system in production with Al Tobey.

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Andrew Clay Shafer (@littleidea) joins us to discuss the future of DevOps.

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Bryan and Nathen are joined by Brock Palen and Jeff Squyers, the co-hosts of the RCE Cast, a podcast about High Performance Computing.

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Join us for a discussion about Ohai and writing Ohai Plugins.

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In this episode we discuss OpenStack, the private cloud software.

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