The Food Fight Show
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Best Practices?!  Do they exist?  Join our panel as we "rapid fire" through a bunch of items looking for some consensus on best practices.

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Join us as we recap the Opscode Community Summit and talk a bit about AWS Re:Invent.

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Join Nathen as he discusses the first day of the Opscode Community Summit with Tom Duffield and John Dyer.

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Join us as we discuss how to test your distributed system in production with Al Tobey.

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Andrew Clay Shafer (@littleidea) joins us to discuss the future of DevOps.

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Bryan and Nathen are joined by Brock Palen and Jeff Squyers, the co-hosts of the RCE Cast, a podcast about High Performance Computing.

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Join us for a discussion about Ohai and writing Ohai Plugins.

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In this episode we discuss OpenStack, the private cloud software.

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Join us as we discuss DevOps at Riot Games.

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Join us as we discuss Packer with Mitchell Hashimoto.

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Join us as we discuss Immutable Infrastructure with Chad Fowler.

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In this episode, we discuss managing secrets with Chef.

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An introduction to Erlang and OTP for operations professionals.

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Join this episode where we re-cap DevOpsDays Silicon Valley.  We were lucky enough to have members from The Ship Show and DevOps Cafe.

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Jez Humble, Adam Jacob, and Mike McGarr join us to discuss Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment, and Continuous Integration.

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We discuss the internals of the chef client code.

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A round table discussion on using Chef with AWS and brief exploration of some of the many AWS services.

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Foodcritic, knife cookbook test, Chefspec, minitest chef handler, and cucumber chef.  So many tools but how are these actually used in practice?

Listen in on the panel discussion of testing in practice.

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DevOps Delicacy - Monitorama:  Sam Kottler with @samkottler

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DevOps Delicacy - Monitorama:  Pete Cheslock on Culture with @petecheslock

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DevOps Delicacy - Monitorama:  Kyle Kingsbury on Riemann with @aphyr

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DevOps Delicacy - Monitorama:  Julian Martinez from Locaweb

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DevOps Delicacy - Monitorama:  John Willis on Docker with @botchagalupe

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DevOps Delicacy - Monitorama:  Github and Happiness with @wfarr, @jnewland, and @nixgeek

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DevOps Delicacy - Monitorama:  Bethany Erskine of Paperless Post with @skymob

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DevOps Delicacy - Monitorama:  Bear on DevOps Consulting with @bear

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All about Netflix's Open Source Software projects.

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Join us as we discuss Docker, dotCloud, and linux containers.

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In this episode, we discuss SmartOS and other Solaris derivatives.

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Show Date:  26 April 2013

This is another FoodShipShow Joint Production!

Join us as we wrap-up #ChefConf 2013.

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In this episode, we sat down with Gene Kim and Jez Humble to discuss The Phoenix Project:  A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win.

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In this episode, we sat down with Shay Banon, Karel Minarik, Rashid Khan, and Dan Phrawzty to discuss elasticsearch.

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In this episode, we sat down with Miah Johnson, Ranjib Dey, Doug Ireton, Chris McClimans, Joshua Timberman, and Seth Vargo to discuss Libraries, Definitions and LWRPs.

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In this episode, we sat down with Matt Wise, Ben Hartshorne and Charity Majors to talk about using zookeeper with Chef and Puppet.

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This is the audio version of the Hangops session from March 8, 2013.  During the Hangops session, we talked all about Chef 11.  Seems like a good cross-post for the Food Fight Show!


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In this episode, we sat down with Baron Schwartz to discuss his presentation on Adaptive Fault Detection. Jason Dixon and Brandon Burton joined the conversation.

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In this episode, we sit down with some of the engineering team at Opscode to discuss the recently released Chef 11.

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In this episode, we discuss the role DevOps can play in helping science overcome some of the most pressing research challenges such as climate change and canceer research.

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In this episode, we discuss Logstash and The logstash Book with Jordan Sissel and James Turnbull.

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In this episode, we sit down with Brendan Gregg of Joyent to discuss performance and his recent article, Thinking Methodically about Performance.

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This episode was started with a tweet from Javier Segura - " @nathenharvey are you still recommending capistrano deploys in a chef infrastructure? I want to know what the best practices are"

Unable to answer the question in 140 characters, we gathered an expert panel and discussed the topic for about forty-five minutes.

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In this episode, we discuss managing Window environments with Chef.

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This episode is a continuation of our discussion of Roles, Environments, Attributes and Data Bags. The episode was recorded as a Google+ Hangout and streamed live on YouTube.

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This episode is a look at Roles, Environments, Attributes and Data Bags.

The episode was recorded as a Google+ Hangout and streamed live on YouTube.

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Join this round-table discussion summarizing DevOpsDays NYC. 

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In this episode, Nathen and John sat down to talk with Matthias Meyer, aka @roidrage, to discuss his DevOpsDays NYC presentation, Failure is Always An Option, TravisCI, and more.

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This episode is a look back at the Food Fight Show in 2012 and a discussion of the changes planned for 2013. The episode was recorded as a Google+ Hangout and streamed live on YouTube.

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